Know what you are buying and protect what you have from meth contamination

Renovations and painting can make a property look nice for sale, but can also mask an underlying meth problem. Multiple samples together with sensitive, independent lab based testing provide you with the greatest likelihood of identifying any meth present in a property.

Why bother to meth test?

  • Meth contamination is rarely visible
  • Meth labs operate in all suburbs, all over New Zealand
  • Property contaminated by meth poses serious health risks. Are you willing to compromise the wellbeing of people living in your property?
  • Decontaminating a property can costs tens of thousands of dollars. How would you fund clean up?
  • If the property is badly contaminated, it may need to be demolished
  • Insurance cover for decontamination of newly acquired property is unlikely
  • Property with a meth history will typically sell below market rates. Are you paying too much?
  • Loss of rental income while decontamination occurs
  • Tenants are being awarded compensation as a result of living in a contaminated property

The MethSolutions Advantage

  • Low cost, high value service
  • Multiple samples taken
  • High accuracy lab-based testing
  • Analysed by an independent lab
  • Products for MethManagement
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