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Due to constraints on the operation of the laboratory over the holiday period, the following limitations are in place if results are required before Christmas.  The first 'Working Day' of 2015 will be Monday the 5th of January.
Cut off dates before Christmas are:
14 Day Service Wednesday 10th of December
7 Working Day Service Monday 15th of December
5 Working Day Service Wednesday 17th of December
3 Working Day Service Friday 19th of December
If you are unclear on this, please call us before booking in a test

The MethSolutions service
Starts at just $99+GST per kit with turnaround times to suit your requirements.

Options for greater insight testing/detailed testing are available. Contact us for more information.

If you want to increase the likelihood of detecting any meth present, don’t settle for anything less!
Why MethSolutions?
Our ‘Baseline’ service is composite/group sampling. This type of approach has been used in America for many years to test property where there is no reason to suspect meth contamination. Eight samples per kit are taken by our Certified Sampler. These samples are then analysed by an independent laboratory.  
We have certified samplers available throughout New Zealand.
Meth testing
Other providers’ use infield/self-test kits that can leave meth contamination undetected by not detecting lower levels or simply not taking enough samples. Refer to our 'making sense of meth testing' webpage for more information.
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Please note if you KNOW that the property you own or are living in is contaminated as a result of meth manufacture or use, please contact us directly and we will help you get the support and services you need.


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