A Baseline (Group/Composite test) test gives an indication only of how significant the levels of meth in a house are. Lab test results show a total amount of meth present.  They will also show levels of the precursor chemicals amphetamine, ephedrine and pseudo ephedrine.  By sampling areas which approximate to those set out in Ministry of Health Guidelines, we believe the Baseline test gives a really good indication as to how significant meth levels.

Group/composite sampling has been used in the USA for years and is a cost effective way of screening out property not known to have an issue with meth.  It is important to note that Baseline testing is not definitive.   The best approach is always to follow up a positive Baseline test with further area by area sampling. Indeed, if you want to know how much meth is present and where, then it is necessary to use individual kits in individual areas.

This is something we can do under very limited circumstances to help give greater peace of mind. Typically, it is carried out by forensic specialists with a view to follow up cleaning and decontamination being done.