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The detection limit varies between analysis of a single swab sample (Baseline or Insights) and multi swab analysis (Standard Screening Assessment) due to the amount of extractant added to the sample tube at the lab.

When all samples arrive at the lab, the technician adds a specific amount of extractant to the sample tube. The amount of extractant is referenced in standard NIOSH9116 which the lab adheres to as per NZ standard NZS8510. The number of swabs in the sample tube directs the amount of extractant added and the purpose of the extractant, is to draw out any meth residue present in the swab.

Detection limits:

• A single swab sample will have a detection limit of 0.02 micrograms
o MethSolutions Baseline Infield Composite, Insights area by area and all samples taken as part of an extensive Contaminated Site Inspection
• A multi wipe field composite sample will have a detection limit of 0.04 micrograms
o MethSolutions Standard Screening Assessment

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