Methamphetamine contamination is a growing risk for property owners

If you own a property, know the risks.

MethRisk Checklist

MethSolutions was the first company in New Zealand to work exclusively on Meth Testing and MethRisk Management.  We offer training programmes for landlords and real estate property managers in how to spot meth and what to do if it’s found.

If you attend our meth risk management training you will receive a MethRisk Checklist as part of the course material provided. Read more about our Meth Risk Management training programmes, or call our office on 0800 638 4522 and ask to speak with Debra Young, MethSolutions course facilitator.

Meth continues to be a problem in New Zealand. 40% of all the properties we test are positive for Meth use or Meth manufacture.  See our NZ MethMap for the latest statistics by region.

Insurers will often not pay out for meth contamination.

What can I do?

Your best defence is regular Meth Testing.  This is simple to arrange.

Houses are the biggest risk for meth manufacture and meth use in New Zealand.

If you own residential rental property, every time you change tenants, test for meth.

Ask your rental property manager to arrange Meth Testing for you.

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I want to learn more about meth testing

If you want to learn more about meth testing download the Making Sense of Meth Testing ebook in this we explain the different types of test and which is best suited for your situation.

Three Step Defence Against Meth Manufacture

If you own a rental property and want to protect it against meth use and meth manufacture, here’s what you can do

  1. Tell your tenants that you test for meth use
  2. Plan to test between every tenancy
  3. Ask your property manager to organise testing, ensure the method of testing that is being used or recommended is in accordance with NZS8510
  4. Read our Landlords advisory information

Lastly, consider installing a MethMinder alarm system – this is installed in your house and provides a continuous meth manufacture detection and monitoring service.

Remember, the best way to deter meth manufacture and use is regular testing.