Meth testing


We are a Meth Risk Management Business helping home buyers, landlords, investors, property managers and real estate professionals to reduce the risk meth presents.

Our services cover 2 main areas:

  • Meth Testing – of property, vehicles, possessions and management of property investment
  • Education and Training to reduce MethRisk – for real estate professionals, corporate body entities with large investment portfolios, lawyers, accountants and the financial sector

Meth Testing Services

Not all meth testing is created equally and it’s not what a service costs but the advice and support that comes with it, that makes the difference in outcomes.

We offer these services

  1. Baseline Testing – Have you got meth in your property?
  2. Insights Testing – Which rooms have got meth contamination?
  3. Standard Screening Assessment (SSA) – Discrete area-by-area samples with composite analysis
  4. Lab Composite – Discrete area-by-area samples with composite analysis completed in 2 stages
  5. MethManagement Testing – Regular testing between tenancies
  6. Contaminated Site Investigation – Known contamination in property requiring a full report to quantify levels, building layout and materials for cleaning and remediation of property
  7. MethMinder – Continuous air quality testing for the manufacture of methamphetamine – ‘monitoring for manufacture and testing for use’

Which Meth Test is Right For Me?

To help you choose the right test for your situation, which statement best describes you?

  • I don’t think any meth will be on the property but I want to be certain. Baseline
  • I suspect there  meth use activity and  I want to know which rooms are contaminated. Insights
  • I know there is meth in property that is likely to be above Ministry of Health Guidelines that  requires a full investigation that will support an insurance claim for cleaning and remediation Contaminated Site Investigation
  • I’ve got tenants moving out of my property – it was clean before they moved in. MethManagement
  • I’m buying a property and must know it’s clean of meth. Baseline
  • Our company vehicles need to be tested for DrugSafe compliance. MethManagement
  • We want to be sure our workplace is clean and safe. Baseline
  • I want to know immediately if any meth has been manufactured in my rental. MethMinder

Education Services

Rental properties are prime targets for meth manufacturing. This means property managers are responsible to ensure that meth manufacturing doesn’t happen. Training in MethRisk Management is the only way to protect your business from the knock-on effects of meth use.

We have 4 education services

  1. MethRisk Awareness Training – suitable for all staff
  2. Policies and Procedures Training – for property management staff
  3. Certified Sampler Training – for property management staff
  4. Tenant Risk Management Training – for selected members of the property management team

The MethSolutions MethRisk Management programme, has been developed in conjunction with industry professionals. Built on the back of more than 5 years’ experience in the MethRisk Management industry, it allows businesses to take as many practicable steps as they feel are necessary to protect their interests.