Have you got meth in your property?

Baseline – for those who want to know the basics

How much meth are you happy to buy or live in? For most people, the answer is none or very little. This is where the Baseline test comes in.

The Baseline service is designed to answer the most basic question – is meth present? You can spend lots more money finding out where in a property meth is located (this is what our ‘Insights’ service does), but if the results come back showing no meth present, then you have spent way more money than you needed to in order to get the same answer!

Most of the time, a property is not known to have an issue with meth. This composite/group sampling, reduces the risk that meth residues are missed because samples were not taken from the right room/area.

So when our result comes out saying no meth present (negative) you can have very high levels of confidence the house is free from meth.

When meth is present, the lab gives us a total amount of meth present in the sample. So, we can give you an indication of how bad the problem is likely to be. The amount of meth can make a huge difference to the cost of addressing the problem. With the Baseline test result, you can decide whether to continue looking at the property or move on.

What we do

  • Sample up to 8 areas per kit – most companies do just 4
  • We aim to sample all rooms in the house – reduces the risk of missing problems
  • Process samples through a laboratory – reduces the risk of missing meth
  • Yes or no answer for presence of meth – level of meth indicates how bad it is
  • Identify meth at very low levels – really important when a place has been painted!
  • Call you with the results – you get immediate answers to questions
  • Provide a lab report – you get confirmation of the details
  • Provide a cover letter – you get additional context around next steps
  • Provide ongoing support – we help you get the right result

How do other service providers stack up?



Baseline Infield Composite (BIC) – 8 samples per tube
Turnaround time from sample collection to processing 1 kit
(8 areas)
2 kits
(16 areas)
3 kits
(24 areas)
5 Working Days $189.00 +gst
$217.35 (incl)
$279.00 +gst
$320.85 (incl)
$369.00 +gst
$424.35 (incl)
3 Working Days $229.00 +gst
$263.35 (incl)
$319.00 +gst
$366.85 (incl)
$409.00 +gst
$470.35 (incl)
2 Working Days $289.00 +gst
$332.35 (incl)
$379.00 +gst
$435.85 (incl)
$469.00 +gst
$539.35 (incl)