Looking to become a NZQA Accredited Meth Screening Sampler.

MethSolutions has developed a comprehensive training programme designed to support people who want to provide screening assessment services that align with NZS8510:2017. All our trainers are Careerforce accredited assessors.

Underlying Philosophy

Meth use and manufacture leaves meth residues in a property. These have the potential to compromise the health and wellbeing of future occupants. Cleaning them up can cost a great deal of money AND dealing with the hassle and uncertainty of historic meth residues, can cause a great deal of emotional distress.

Screening assessments are a critically important way in which people can cost-effectively qualify and manage the risks presented by meth use and manufacture.

The higher the quality and consistency of meth screening assessment, the less likely it is that people will get caught out.

The MethSolutions Meth Awareness and Screening Assessment modules have been developed to allow delivery of screening assessment services that are Standard Compliant and delivered by Careerforce accredited assessors. This reduces the risk that technicians and their clients can be exposed to by getting it wrong!

Meth Awareness Training – By understanding the realities of meth contamination in property, course attendees will be better placed when it comes to communicating the need for the services being offered

Meth Sampling Theory – There is more to conducting a screening assessment than wiping building surfaces in a particular pattern. NZS8510:2017 allows for a number of different approaches to conducting screening assessments. By understanding what they are and the relative merits of each approach, course attendees will be better placed to identify which approach matches client needs. This module also looks at the chain of custody and reporting obligations that a service provider needs to consider

Meth Sampling Practical –NZS8510:2017 prescribes specific sampling methodologies for conducting a screening assessment. Getting these right is essential when it comes to providing higher quality services that are more consistent. Our Careerforce accredited assessors are all field experienced, helping ensure you are consistently above to offer a high-quality service


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