When you look for a new home do you ever think to yourself …. is this a healthy home?Auckland residential housing, meth risk in nice suburbs

Meth contamination is generally invisible especially in properties that have been prepared for sale or a new rental.  There is typically no odour so it is very easy to mask the smells of meth use.

Ways people try to hide meth

  • Newly painted walls
  • Renovated kitchens
  • New carpet 

Even police officers, with years of experience and training, cannot always spot houses that have been used for meth manufacture or where meth use has occurred. This is why police rely upon laboratory meth testing.

Other  things that can be indicators of meth related behaviour:

  • Unusual rewiring or plumbing or the presence of extractor fans in unusual places
  • Signs of smoking inside the house, with piles of cigarettes outside the property
  • Etching or staining on concrete, particularly outside drains

When you look for a new home do you think…. is this a healthy house?

Meth Myths – these are NOT TRUE

  1. A new house is not meth contaminated
  2. Buying from an elderly couple who don’t smoke is safe
  3. Good neighbourhoods don’t have meth smokers living there
  4. Professionally managed rentals won’t be ‘P’ houses

There is only one way to be 100% sure your home doesn’t have meth.  TEST IT.

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