We test properties all over NZ for meth contamination.  We test a lot of properties and so we’ve decided to track the results over time.  Each quarter MethSolutions will publish a MethMap of recent tests so you can see which areas are getting fewer positive results.

Shona Lowden is our colleague who pulls together the test results.

“I am always fascinated by these maps because you really begin to see patterns of activity.  I like to see where there are changes from the last quarter.  All the tests are reported as percentages rather than numbers.”

methmap -nz-map-sept-2016 methsolutionsHigh level findings for July-September 2016 are:

  • Coromandel had the highest percentage of positive tests at 49%
  • This was followed by Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty all equal  at 41% positive.
  • Waiheke had the highest percentage positive tests in Auckland, at 52% positive

To see a bigger image of the New Zealand MethMap, please visit our Meth in New Zealand page.  A downloadable pdf is available for you to use.