Download Report: Report looking towards a responsible approach to management of meth in property

Download: Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines

The people behind MethSolutions have been providing meth risk management services to Kiwis who wish to protect themselves from meth related behaviour since 2008. They introduced an innovative meth lab monitoring system to the world and have focused on the professional delivery of meth testing and risk based advice services since this time.

The provision of cost effective ways of ensuring their interests are not compromised by meth, has provided confidence to many thousands that they will not have to deal with the historic and ongoing behaviours of those who choose to make meth part of their existence.

At all times, the provision of services and associated advice has been done using the frameworks of reference established first by the Ministry of Health Guidelines of 2010 and subsequently NZS8510. Both these references became the effective Standard of the day, as they were the reference points Territorial Authorities around New Zealand have used for dealing with meth residues left behind by meth manufacture and use.

In working with our customers over many years, we know that properties with serious meth issues are widespread throughout New Zealand and hidden. As a result, they are rarely identified without the use of low cost high value lab backed testing services. Services the PMCSA Meth Report suggest should be dropped in favour of ones which will hide the reality of meth in New Zealand, from those who want and need to know.

Our focus has been on reducing the harm meth causes to people who want nothing to do with it.  We have used our experience and knowledge of the realities of meth related behaviour in this country and the way other countries and jurisdictions are looking to manage this risk to inform this commentary.

We are aware that much public sentiment toward legitimate businesses that offer highly effective services has been affected by this report and subsequent media commentary. It is to be hoped that people will take the time to consider this commentary and the points we raise, so the debate can evolve from where it currently stands.

Key Points covered by the commentary

  • If correct, the recommendation of the PMCSA Meth Report with respect to the harm caused by meth residues from use will deliver benefit to NZ and the world
  • Other countries and jurisdictions already apply levels ranging from 0.5µg/100cm2 to 1.5µg/100cm2 for meth residues from manufacture AND use
  • This fact is incorrectly represented in the report – Australia is an example
  • The PMCSA Meth Report does not reference research other jurisdictions have used to reach the lower levels they deem acceptable
  • The PMCSA Meth Report recommends levels which are at least x10 higher than any other jurisdiction anywhere else in the world
  • The Standard’s Committee, used the recommendations in a report commissioned by the Ministry of Health, which was produced by ESR and which provided advice on the back of a comprehensive health risk assessment process
  • There is a lack of research globally
  • The recommendations in the PMCSA Meth Report regarding risk management are based on an incomplete assessment of the risk and the consequences associated with being exposed to the risk presented by people who choose and manufacture meth
  • If we wish to prove the hypothesis regarding meth residue levels in property that is a key output of the PMCSA Meth Report, we should capture data and record health effects, to fill the information gap identified by the PMCSA Meth Report for NZ and the world