Standards New Zealand has released helpful question and answers about the new Standard NZS8510.

New Zealand Standards

They answer these questions

  • What is the purpose of the Standard?
  • What does the Standard include?
  • Who developed the Standard?
  • How was the Standard developed?
  • Why was the Standard necessary?
  • Who will use the Standard?
  • What does the Standard say about clean-up levels?
  • Do these clean-up levels apply to vehicles as well?
  • Is the Standard legally enforceable?
  • How was the development of the Standard funded?
  • Is there a cost for the Standard?
  • When does the Standard come into effect?
  • Is there a lead-in time for both testing and decontamination operators to adjust to the requirements of NZS 8510?
  • Where do I get more information about validation of screening test methods?
  • Is a garage or shed regarded as a ‘limited-use area’ that only needs to be decontaminated to a level of 3.8µg/100cm2?
  • What products can be used to clean a methamphetamine-contaminated property?