Young mum on meth

Young mother on meth Image Credit: The Herald

A tragic story from Napier where a young lady crashed her car killing her daughter.  As the prosecutor said

… the circumstances of the crash were that there was no explantation, other than methamphetamine, for Skipper to suddenly lose control of the car.

She had smoked meth the night before and the effects were wearing off.

Her daughter Saphire Te Aroha Skipper-Hira, who was unrestrained in a child car seat in the left rear of the car, was flung from the car after it veered across the centre line into oncoming traffic and collided with the dirt bank of a ditch.

Witnesses described the vehicle suddenly “ricocheting” across the road with no explantation as to why this occurred.

Saphire received significant injuries and died at the scene.