MethSolutions does not recommend using self-test kits for methamphetamine testing on your property.

Here are the reasons

  • do you know exactly how to take samples from “optimal sample sites”?
  • a cotton bud is harder to cover the test site compared to a methanol soaked cotton gauze square
  • results don’t tell you the exact level of meth in microgrammes – so you don’t know how bad the problem is
  • you still need a lab test if it’s positive so you know exactly how contaminated the site is
  • test sensitivity may be >0.5 microgrammes so high test levels go undetected

Read our Free Lab based testing vs instant answer testing information sheet.

Our clients trust us to give good advice that is un-biased.

We believe in “doing the right thing” and if we publish accurate information, then you can decide what is the right thing for you to do. You will make up your own mind about meth testing.

MethSolutions chooses not to use Instant Answer Infield Testing kits.

When compared to lab-based testing, we believe the risks associated with use of these kits, in terms of missing potentially problematic levels of meth, outweigh the advantage of time they offer.

Miles Stratford, founder of MethSolutions says

I think it is fair to say that with the exception of the 2% that give false positives, they all detect meth residues. Just not with the degree of sensitivity that provides a thinking person with the ability to sleep at night.