MethSolutions is a Nationwide company providing meth risk management solutions from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

There are a number of different methods of sampling to confirm the meth status of a property. The method chosen will be determined by how much information you require to support your purchase, management or investigation of a contaminated property.

Sampling every room reduces the risk of not detecting meth in a property and can be achieved by all our services offered. Pricing depends on the size of property, the number of kits required and the type of sampling being undertaken as well as the method of lab analysis.  We offer a number of turnaround options to meet your needs and the turnaround time is from the date the samples are taken from the property.

Our services will help you  make informed decisions and provide you with peace of mind.

Standard Screening Assessment (SSA) Meth TEST

From $199+GST
  • For Home buyers, Landlords &
    ongoing meth management.
    Method of sampling in line with NZ Standard NZS8510.
    • 1-5 rooms (1 bedroom home) $199+gst
    • 6-10 rooms (2-3 bedroom home) $269+gst
    • 11-15 rooms (4-5 bedroom home) $339+gst
    • Greater than 5 bedrooms, please call to discuss.

    5 day turnaround. 3 and 2 day options available.

    from the dates samples are at the lab.
    Field composite sampling.

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  • Insights Area by Area Meth TEST

    From $595+GST
    • To support when low levels of Meth have been identified.  Individual samples taken throughout the property. Method of sampling in line with NZ Standard NZS8510 
    • Comprises:
      Individual area by area sampling. Minimum of
      5 kits @$119+GST per kit for up to 10 kits; over 10 kits @$99+GST per kit.
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  • Area by Area Lab Composite Meth TEST

    From $280+GST
    • Where you suspect a meth problem
      may exist. Individual samples taken throughout the property. Method of sampling in line with NZ Standard NZS8510
    • Comprises:
      Individual area by area sampling. Minimum of 5 kits composited at the lab with the option of stage 2 process individually if meth identified. 
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  • Meth Contaminated Property Investigation

    • Contaminated Site
    • Comprises:
      A detailed property investigation  including individual sampling in line with NZ Standard NZS8510,Photos of sample sites, floorplan diagram of site results, Remediation Action Plan Report and a video walk through. Best choice for insurance claims.

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  • Meth

    From $17910+GST
    • Recurring contract

    • Includes:
      Regular meth testing between tenancies at a discounted rate. Establishes the meth status at the start of tenancy & provides ongoing meth management between tenancies.  Test history and documented reference held.
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  • MethMinder Monitoring Device

    From $3995 per month gst incl
    • Covert alarm monitoring system
    • Comprises:
      Detection if meth-amphetamine manufacture occurs in your property. In conjunction with Meth Management service.

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  • In-Field
    Test Kit

    • The cheap and
      risky option
    • Comprises:
      The least reliable test prone to giving false readings and lacking sensitivity compared to Lab Testing.

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  • MethRisk Management

    $ASK US
    • For Property
      Management Companies
    • Comprises:
      Meth awareness training is the only way to protect your business and educate your staff. Includes advice & documentation for business process compliance.

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  • Consulting

    $ASK US
    • Advice from
      leading experts.
    • Comprises:
      Bespoke consulting advice on how to manage the risk to your business in your unique situation from New Zealand’s leading meth risk management experts. Situations include Tenancy Tribunal preparation, evictions & background checks.
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  • Public Speaking

    $ASK US
    • Leading experts speak to your group
      or forum
    • Comprises:
      We can keep you up to date with speeches from 30 minutes upwards on a range
      of topics.

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