Looking to obtain the NZQA 30892, 30893 and 30894 Certification for meth screening?

MethSolutions has developed a comprehensive training program designed to support people who want to provide screening assessment services that align with NZS8510:2017. All our trainers are Careerforce accredited assessors.

Who should be seeking their Certification?

Please refer to the Careerforce website for applicants prerequisite requirements before submitting your interest.

Meth Testing Companies, including Building Inspection Bodies, Property Maintenance Managers that are offering meth screening services and reference to NZS8510:2017, need to be a NZQA certified service.   In December 2019 change in the sale and purchase agreement to include a toxicology clause, has brought meth screening back to the forefront of people’s minds. Training and process in best practice will improve service offering and reduce risk.

MethSolutions offers a training course which through an arrangement with the industry training organisation Careerforce, allows people who successfully completes the training to obtain Unit Standards NZQA 30892, 30893 and 30894.

You will be enrolled as a Careerforce trainee throughout your course of studies with MethSolutions. All assessments leading to unit standards will be undertaken by Careerforce and they will report any achieved credits to NZQA directly.

Underlying Philosophy

Meth use and manufacture leaves meth residues in a property. These have the potential to compromise the health and wellbeing of future occupants. Cleaning them up can cost a great deal of money AND dealing with the hassle and uncertainty of historic meth residues, can cause a great deal of emotional distress.

Screening assessments are a critically important way in which people can cost-effectively qualify and manage the risks presented by meth use and manufacture.

The higher the quality and consistency of a meth screening assessment, the less likely it is that people will get caught out.

The MethSolutions Meth Awareness and Screening Assessment modules have been developed to allow delivery of screening assessment services that are Standard Compliant.  Training is developed and supported by Careerforce accredited assessors.   Samplers who complete their training are better able to help their clients avoid getting caught out by meth!

Meth Awareness Training – By understanding the realities of meth contamination in property, course attendees will be better placed when it comes to communicating the need for the services being offered.

Meth Sampling Theory – There is more to conducting a screening assessment than wiping building surfaces in a particular pattern. NZS8510:2017 allows for a number of different approaches to conducting screening assessments. By understanding what they are and the relative merits of each approach, course attendees will be better placed to identify which approach matches client needs. This module also looks at the chain of custody and reporting obligations that a service provider needs to consider.

Meth Sampling Practical – NZS8510:2017 prescribes specific sampling methodologies for conducting a screening assessment. Getting these methods right is essential when it comes to providing higher quality services that are more consistent. Our Careerforce accredited assessors are all field experienced, helping ensure you are consistently able to offer a high-quality service.


  • You will be trained to the NZQA unit standard and issue with the relevant certification.
    • You will take responsibility for managing the testing strategy, sampling and reporting to the clients.
    • You take on all the risk and liability associated with service delivery.

The course outlines the minimum requirements for reporting, meth test kits and PPE gear required. Trainees are not provided with these as part of the training.  It is recommended that legal advice be sort regarding final form reports you issue. This should ensure reporting meets the NZS8510:2017 Standard requirements and your risk and liability is covered.

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Working with MethSolutions

– Interested in joining the MethSolutions Team of samplers in the field? or a collaborative partner? (collaborative partnership ensures you can provide a top quality service through to your clients, without the hassle of reporting and fielding calls when meth issues arise) Please click here for more information, or give us a call.