Here’s what some of our clients have had to say:

Brilliant, thank you, very impressed with your service and the simplicity of the process.

Duncan, Homeowner | December 2016


Good job folks! Now I know I can move into a Meth free home – thank you so much for your prompt testing! A huge relief.

Karen Peck, Homeowner | March 2016


Thank you for saving my family from a lifetime of pain, one day away from being unconditional we found out the house had significant levels of meth. You called us straight away and advised us of what to do, having two young kids the money we spent on this test saved us from a lifetime of debt (esp it being our first home). Quick turnaround and awesome customer service which helped us beyond what was expected. Faafetai 🙂

Maria Pese, Homeowner | March 2016


Thanks for your help! Fast service and great customer service. Will definitely use your company for any future testing.

Sarah Sonal | February 2016


We used to look at meth as if it was a ‘meth lab’ problem, yet we weren’t really having an issue with many meth labs. These days we realise that almost everyone is buying houses and commissioning meth tests and the number of properties that are failing the test has increased considerably. Those that failed, failed through the presences of meth usage, not necessarily labs.

We felt we really had to make a stand. We knew that there were other companies in the industry that were taking a stand and having a meth policy. We used MethSolutions and Miles to guide us through the establishment of a meth management policy.

I think Miles has more knowledge of meth contamination than any other person I’ve dealt with. He gave us a very comprehensive and step-by-step structure to make our whole property management division, firstly, understand the issues, and second, an approach to deal with the issues going forward.

We are very happy with what Miles has done for us and I can highly recommend him as a mentor to any business considering taking a position on meth. We will continue to work with Miles going forward. We have come across others who purport to be experts offering similar services, but their knowledge is fractional. MethSolutions offers very good value for money indeed.

Graham Viall, Real Estate Agent, Auckland | March 2016


We got in touch with MethSolutions when we knew there was a meth problem in Nelson. It’s becoming more and more epidemic and it has been concerning us for a number of months. Last year there was not so much of it around, but increasingly this year there has been. We knew we needed the skills and training to deal with that. We knew it was a bigger issue than we had the skills to deal with.

Somebody put us on to the MethMinder device. I had a look around to see if there was anyone who trained and supported teams like MethSolutions does, but nobody does what Miles does.

I felt it was so urgent that we needed to fly him down to Nelson specially to train us. He agreed and came to Nelson last Tuesday and did a full day’s training which has really got us underway. We are in process of implementing systems inside our business and I just think it’s essential to have the support and backup that MethSolutions is offering.

We are looking at an on-going relationship, not just an one-off relationship: all of our property managers, the two business owners, and the business development manager are all trained as Certified Testers. MethSolutions has become an important partner for us.

Terry Bolitho, Property Manager, Nelson | March 2016


I met Miles at a conference and we had cause to use him when we suspected there was meth in a property. He tested that for us and sorted it out. Recently I contacted him about what kind of programme we could roll out in terms of offering our landlords service if they wanted to test for meth. We also purchased the reference package that we refer to in the case of problems. We’ve had to refer to that a couple of times already. We’ve found the risk assessment very handy. We can refer to that, go through and assess a property if we need to. If we thought the risk was high we would go ahead and order a test through MethSolutions.

Martin Donnelly, Property Manager | March 2016