What our existing technicians have to say about working with us.

Rather than tell you why you might want to consider working with us, we thought we would share feedback we sought from some of our technicians in the field.

Debra +30 years in the legal profession, +5 years working with us

Peter +40 year in the finance profession, semi-retired +4 years working us

Miles +50 years senior executive for large corporations, founder & director +10 years working with us

Olivia University Student +2 years working with us

Graeme +30 years Accounting & Building Inspections, +8 years working with us

Comments below:

What are the things you like about working with MethSolutions? 

“Flexibility of hours” 

“MethSolutions has a great team who are all approachable, knowledgeable and reliable, making the testing simple and stress free.”  

“Through this job I have interacted with a variety of landlords, property managers and tenants, gaining invaluable communication experience.” 

“I enjoy working with people with strong values and ethics who live by and work within them”. 

“The MethSolutions team is efficient, friendly, open and honest with me, and I feel part of the team.” 

“Being a contractor, I can manage my work nicely with my other interests and family.” 

Family operated company with a high focus on client first and ensuring their team is well equipped and knowledgeable. 

Fantastic support and always endeavouring to look to better results and consistency. 

a) the professionalism of the HO team.  b)  the support provided by the HO team.  c)  the sampling process which has been developed over the years. 

In my whole working life, I have only ever struck one other company who put company objective and staff welfare before money, and it just creates an atmosphere of trust and support that is rare to find in the business world today. 

 What benefits do you feel you get from being able to focus on sampling only? 

“When one has a process and is trained, it alleviates stress and affiliated anxiety. It creates competences, trust in oneself and an ability to be precise for our customers.” 

“A huge benefit for focusing on the sampling only, is that my work is being checked and monitored.”  

Removes dealing with customers which can be quite time consuming.  Additionally we don’t have to walking encyclopedias on meth and its consequences.   

 “Not having to engage with clients regarding test results” 

“The background work that happens before I receive the job is comprehensive and enables me to focus on entirely what’s involved with the job in front of me. Whenever something unforeseen happens onsite there is immediate and effective guidance by phone. Sampling requires good levels of concentration, especially advanced sampling. The background support I get from MethSolutions is consistent competent and professional.” 

Being able to focus on sampling only, allows a simplicity of tasking. You walk into a job, do it and leave, so not being involved the more complicated areas of pricing, customer reporting and  recommendations allow for a very relaxed work process. 

 If a person asked you whether or not they should considering getting into meth testing and wondering whether they should work with MethSolutions or go it alone, what would you say?  

 You need reputation – go with a company that has a professional reputation and I always used the line Miles (Company CEO) was on the team that assisted the government in providing the guidelines for meth testing and levels. 

 “Work with a reputable company that is national and well recognised, meaning MethSolutions. 

“I would encourage anyone to get into meth testing, its an extremely interesting business, I would also not be able to recommend MethSolutions higher. They an awesome group of people. Its not a scary process. The team assist you the whole way and wouldn’t put you in the field if you weren’t comfortable.”  

I would encourage a person to get into meth testing as I have always considered what we do helps people avoid future pitfalls and possible health issues.  I consider that the best option is to work with MethSolutions which access to training and established systems MethSolutions have.   In current conditions, I don’t think the market is big enough for start-up business to be viable  on a stand alone basis and would need  a revenue stream from another source.  There would be a huge learning curve to be able to compete with the likes of MethSolutions with the effort required not translating to acceptable earnings.  Of course one could follow the hit and miss approach but normally that doesn’t set a business up to succeed. 

 “Two things – Don’t go it alone, and secondly don’t just sign on with any service provider. If I didn’t work for MethSolutions, I wouldn’t work for anyone else.”

If you are going to try to do this alone, the pitfalls are very real. Accuracy of analysis, accountability, support, legal standards and ethical standards are all missing when you try to go solo. Working with MethSolutions allows you to confidently provide a first class proven and reliable service to a client, with full back up and support. 

What we say about ourselves 

We are a Values led organisation and we put people first. We are open and timely with our communications. We always strive for excellence and improvement. We focus on and deliver high value to our clients and customers. And, where needs be, we demonstrate courage in tackling difficult issues. 

We have an unrivalled track record in the meth risk management and testing space. We want to build even more collaborative relationships, that allow even more people to enjoy the benefits associated with the support we offer.