Here at MethSolutions, we are watching closely the amendment to Section 59 of Residential Tenancies Act.  It strengthens the law for prosecuting landlords who tenant unsuitable properties, tenants will be liable for the cost of their landlord’s insurance excess up to a max of 4 weeks’ rent for each incident and also allows easier access to test and vacate the tenant with urgency.

The announcement includes these quotes

“This Bill recognises that meth contamination of properties has become a significant issue that needs clearer direction. We want homes to be safe but we also don’t want properties being vacated when the risks are low.

Landlords will have easier access to test for meth and tenants will be able to terminate their tenancy if it presents at unsafe levels. Standards New Zealand is working on appropriate contamination thresholds and the Bill will enable these to be legally recognised and enforceable before the Tenancy Tribunal.”

says Housing Minister, Dr Nick Smith.

“These improvements to our tenancy laws will better protect responsible landlords and tenants and help our residential tenancy market function more effectively,”

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