For the last few years MethSolutions has been advising clients that the window of opportunity for full insurance cover for meth contamination is closing and now it has closed.

There is now a ceiling on any insurance claim settlement of between $25-$30,000.

Article on meth decontamination insurance

Article on meth decontamination insurance Image credit:

Avoid big insurance claims

Proactive MethManagement mitigates the risk of meth contamination from both use AND manufacture.  It helps you to spot problems early so if you have to make an insurance claim, the amount is low.

MethSolutions advice for landlords: Test for Meth Use with surface wipes analysed at a laboratory and also monitor for meth manufacture with MethMinder.

Compare NZ insurance companies

The article compares different insurers (as of April 2017) please click through to read to compare Tower, AA Insurance, Vero and IAG (AMI).

Note in the comments below one person wrote about QBE Landlord Insurance which was not assessed by the journalist.

Here’s a good comment below the article from an informed landlord whose “Discerning tenants” asked for a meth test to be done.

Tenants asking for a Meth Test

Tenants asking for a Meth Test