Discrete individual area by area samplings with lab composite analysis

MethSolutions offers two services involving discrete individual area by area sampling; our Lab Composite service and our Insights service.

Our Certified Sampler takes surface samples using the NIOSH9111 technique for both lab composite and Insights discrete sampling and this sampling method complies with Standard NZS8510.

The Standard NZS8510 was released in June 2017 and details acceptable post decontamination levels of methamphetamine residue in property.

The levels referenced in the Standard apply to any property or buildings where people may be present including, but not limited to dwellings, sheds, garages, vehicles, boats, caravans, mobile homes, work places, hotels, motels and storage facilities. 

As with all methods of sampling, the recommended approach when taking discrete area by area samples, is to sample all areas in a property.  This reduces the likelihood of methamphetamine contamination remaining undetected in any one area.

The difference between our Insights service and our Lab Composite service is the method of analysis at the laboratory.

  • For Insights testing discrete samples are extracted and analysed in the lab in one stage i.e. results in 2, 3 or 5 working days.
  • For Lab Composite testing discrete samples are extracted and analysed in the lab in two stages i.e. composite analysis followed by individual analysis.  The lab technician may composite up to ten individual samples together.

Stage 1 lab analysis of a composite samples produces an averaged result i.e. where result is 1.5µg as an average of 5 samples, any one of the individual samples could return a total of 7.5µg.

We recommend lab composite analysis for situations where it is strongly believed methamphetamine contamination may be isolated to a couple of areas i.e.: an admission methamphetamine was smoked in a property or meth related paraphernalia is located.

This is because lab costs are largely incurred during stage one analysis of the lab composite samples. If the result of stage one analysis is ‘no detectable meth’, part of the stage two costs have been paid.

In addition, if stage one lab analysis of any of the composited samples is positive, individual analysis takes an additional 2 or 3 working days as opposed to our Insights service.

Both Lab Composite and Insights area by area sampling is used when a positive result of 3 micrograms or less has been reported following initial screening tests and the property has not been subject to recent redecoration or renovation.

If the initial test result is higher than 3 micrograms we undertake a Contaminated Site Inspection. This is a higher level of service than our Insights service and involves discrete individual area by area samples with the addition of a detailed report called a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) and a walk-through video. The RAP forms the framework for third parties to review when providing quotes for decontamination and supports insurance claims.   

Please note Lab Composite sampling does not include a Remediation Action Plan.

How MethSolutions does lab composite discrete area by area individual sampling

  1. Use a minimum of one individual sample per room
  2. Adhere to the NIOSH9111 method of sampling to comply with Standard NZS8510
  3. Select sample sites and surfaces that have a high affinity to attract methamphetamine residue as per Standard NZS8510
  4. Samples are extracted and analysed at a laboratory to ensure accuracy with reliable results
  5. Results are reported in micrograms to assess how significant the contamination is in individual areas
  6. Results of stage 2 lab composite analysis can be referenced against the levels in Standard NZS8510 to confirm habitability in each area sampled
  7. Can identify methamphetamine at very low levels
  8. We call you to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have
  9. Provide a lab analysis report to confirm the results
  10. Provide a MethSolutions cover letter to provide context around the results
  11. Provide ongoing support