Which areas in the property are contaminated?

We recommend Insights discrete sampling analysis when:

  • Initial screening test identifies methamphetamine residues less than 3 micrograms has been detected, therefore reduced likelihood of needing professional decontamination.
  • NO complicating factors such as redecoration or renovation has occurred that could mask meth residues.

Around 5% of the thousands of properties we test have meth residues greater than 1.5 micrograms but less than 3 micrograms. It is these properties when our insights or lab composite prove to be the best approach.

If the results of initial screening test exceed 3 micrograms then a Contaminated Site Inspection (CSI) is recommended. This includes discrete area by area individual samples with a detailed Remediation Action Plan to support an insurance claim and to assist professional decontamination specialists in the remediation.

Our investigation unit Contaminated Property Investigations New Zealand [CPINZ] specialise in Contaminated Site Inspections (CSI). We are also able to undertake sub-surface individual samples where initial screening tests identified methamphetamine in a recently redecorated property.

How MethSolutions does Insights discrete area by area individual sampling

  • Use a minimum of one individual sample per room
  • Adhere to the NIOSH9111 method of sampling to comply with Standard NZS8510
  • Select sample sites and surfaces that have a high affinity to attract methamphetamine residue as per Standard NZS8510
  • Samples are extracted and analysed at a laboratory to ensure accuracy with reliable results
  • Results are reported in micrograms to assess how significant the contamination is in individual areas
  • Results of stage 2 lab composite analysis can be referenced against the levels in Standard NZS8510 to confirm habitability in each area sampled
  • Can identify methamphetamine at very low levels
  • We call you to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have
  • Provide a lab analysis report to confirm the results
  • Provide a MethSolutions cover letter to provide context around the results
  • Provide ongoing support