Discrete individual area by area samplings with lab composite analysis

Adopting a lab composite approach to testing a property is limited to a number of instances, specifically when:

  • meth is considered likely or known to be present, and
  • meth related behaviour is believed to be limited to use, and
  • meth related behaviour is believed to be confined to a limited number of areas.

For around 95% of properties, this approach to testing is either excessive when it comes to screening tests or insufficient when it comes to detailed testing for decontamination purposes.

There is a “two” stage approach to Lab Composite method of sampling.

The benefit is reduced lab costs for Stage 1. If no or a low level of meth is detected then 2nd stage of analysis is unlikely to be required.

Stage 1

Discrete area by area sampling taken throughout the property and composited at the laboratory, up to 10 samples per composite. lab analysis of a composite sample produces an averaged result.

i.e. where a result is 1.5µg as an average of 10 samples, any one of the individual samples could return a maximum of 15µg.

If meth is present and the average is likely to exceed 1.5 micrograms/100cm² then moving to Stage 2 would be required.

Stage 2

Lab processes the individual samples to identify the individual results and the location of the meth contamination.

Please note: individual analysis takes 2 or 3 working days, and there is an additional cost to run the samples.

If the level of methamphetamine residue detected by the lab in the discrete individual samples is at or less than 1.5 micrograms/100cm² per sample, the property can be tenanted.

We can also provide recommendations on undertaking cleaning using certain products available.

If the level of methamphetamine residue in any discrete individual sample exceeds 1.5 micrograms/100cm² professional decontamination is likely to be required in those areas.

It should be anticipated that a rental property may be considered inhabitable under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 if the level of methamphetamine residue in any one individual area exceeds 1.5 micrograms/100cm² .

In the event that areas do exceed 1.5 micrograms/100cm² then additional sampling maybe required. We can use the individual results to formulate a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) which forms the framework for contractors to provide quotes for decontamination services. Additional costs apply if an RAP is required.

How MethSolutions does lab composite discrete area by area individual sampling

  • Use a minimum of one individual sample per room
  • Adhere to the NIOSH9111 method of sampling to comply with Standard NZS8510
  • Select sample sites and surfaces that have a high affinity to attract methamphetamine residue as per Standard NZS8510
  • Samples are extracted and analysed at a laboratory to ensure accuracy with reliable results
  • Results are reported in micrograms to assess how significant the contamination is in individual areas
  • Results of stage 2 lab composite analysis can be referenced against the levels in Standard NZS8510 to confirm habitability in each area sampled
  • Can identify methamphetamine at very low levels
  • We call you to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have
  • Provide a lab analysis report to confirm the results
  • Provide a MethSolutions cover letter to provide context around the results
  • Provide ongoing support