Discrete individual area by area samples composited in the field

When to use Standard Screening Assessment (SSA)

This is a cost-effective method to use in the following situations:

  • Pre-purchase due diligence of a property to own or as an investment.
  • Establish if a rental property is habitable under the Standard NZS8510:2017.
  • Support of the installation of MethMinder to monitor for manufacture and test for use.
  • Pre-and post-tenancy monitoring for methamphetamine related behaviour during a tenancy.
  • Vehicle purchase, police recovery of stolen vehicle, and meth management of company vehicles.

How MethSolutions does a Standard Screening Assessment using discrete area by area individual sampling

  • Use a minimum of one individual sample per room
  • Adhere to the NIOSH9111 method of sampling to comply with Standard NZS8510
  • Select sample sites and surfaces that have a high affinity to attract methamphetamine residue as per Standard NZS8510<
  • Samples are composited onsite in groups of no more than five swabs
  • The lab extracts and analyses each composite SSA sample to ensure accuracy with reliable results
  • Results are reported in micrograms as a cumulative level of each of the individual wipes to assess habitability for tenanting
  • Can identify methamphetamine at very low levels
  • We call you to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have
  • Provide a lab analysis report to confirm the results
  • Provide a MethSolutions cover letter to provide context around the results
  • Provide ongoing support

Reference guide for number of kits required:
To estimate how many kits are required, count the number of rooms in the property. Include bedrooms, lounges, bathrooms, separate toilets, garages, laundry, kitchen. As a guide:

  • 1 Kit (1-5 rooms) = 1 bedroom home
  • 2 Kit ( 6-10 rooms) = 2 to 3 bedroom home
  • 3 Kit (11-15 rooms) = 4 to 5 bedroom home
  • Greater than 5 bedrooms – please give us a call to discuss

If there are separate dwellings on site such as garage, sleepout, sheds that you would like to be sampled separately, please make a note of this in the booking registration and allow for an additional kit/s when booking.

Standard Screening Assessment (SSA) – 5 samples per tube
Turnaround time from
sample collection to processing
1 kit 2 kits 3 kits 4 kits 5 kits
5 Working Days $199.00 +gst
$228.85 (incl)
$269.00 +gst
$309.35 (incl)
$339.00 +gst
$389.85 (incl)
$409.00 +gst
$470.35 (incl)
$479.00 +gst
$550.85 (incl)
3 Working Days $219.00 +gst
$251.85 (incl)
$289.00 +gst
$332.35 (incl)
$359.00 +gst
$412.85 (incl)
$429.00 +gst
$493.35 (incl)
$499.00 +gst
$573.85 (incl)
2 Working Days $289.00 +gst
$332.35 (incl)
$359.00 +gst
$412.85 (incl)
$429.00 +gst
$493.35 (incl)
$499.00 +gst
$573 (incl)
$569.00 +gst
$654.35 (incl)