We continue our series of meth contamination case studies – all of these have been collected by MethSolutions’ staff while out on testing and sampling jobs.

Example 1 – Northland

Employee of the previous tenant visited the property when the new tenant (food processing facility) took occupation. Reported a history of meth use at the property. Baseline test identified low levels of meth present consistent with use, but not the manufacture they feared would tarnish their reputation and create an unsafe work place. The business owners were able to reassure staff that they were not at risk.

Example 2 – West Auckland

Mixed-use tilt slab construction commercial and residential property was tested as part of a pre-purchase due diligence. A private tenant was living upstairs and a beverage manufacturing company was downstairs.

Property tested positive for meth at levels which indicated manufacturing related behaviour in the residential part of the property only.

Issues at play

  • Being a beverage manufacturing company, their business was a serious risk of being compromised by another tenant.
  • This created potential liability issues for the building owner.

Example 3 – South Auckland

Post going unconditional on a large commercial property, a new owner heard rumours of meth-related behaviour in the previous company. Baseline testing that sectioned down the premises identified meth contamination hotspots, consistent with manufacture having taken place.

New owner was able to renegotiate the deal and reduce the purchase price with the costs associated with ensuring they had a safe working place.