We continue our series of meth contamination case studies – all of these have been collected by MethSolutions’ staff while out on testing and sampling jobs.

Example 1 – North West Auckland

A client requested a meth test on a Beach Haven property. The agents involved had previously had sales fall over with low levels of meth residues identified. Following discussion with the agent, the vendor elected to deny MethSolutions access to the property and commission their own test using infield/self-testing kits.

Uncertainty around the result and the conscious decision of the agent to conceal outcomes.

Example 2 – West Auckland

Tenant was made aware of a meth history by neighbours. Raised the issue with the property manager who took no action. Tenans undertook Baseline testing and confirmed meth present at levels indicating low-level manufacture of meth.

Results were reported to the Property Manager and detailed testing was undertaken, with the tenant being absent from the property. Owner and property manager engaged various parties to provide second opinion. The building was relocated from the property onto another site, with meth issues apparently unresolved.

Example 3 – Auckland

Major real estate brand encourages staff away from lab-based testing toward service provider utilising lesser quality in field testing kits!