Testing anything is meaningless unless you have an agreed standard.  In the meth clean-up industry the Ministry of Health Guidelines for Remediation of Clandestine Meth Lab Sites have been in place since 2010. Territorial Authorities have used these as the basis for benchmarking acceptable levels of meth residues. Consequently, the industry that has evolved to help owners manage these risks without involving the Council and all that goes with it, have adopted the same reference points.  

NZ standards for meth testing methsolutions houses imageRecent discussions in the public domain have other people’s opinions on what is a “safe” level of meth. As part of a wider review of standards, the Ministry of Health is undertaking a review of published data. The aim will be to provide a more informed determination on acceptable levels of meth in a home.

Miles Stratford from MethSolutions is a member of the Standards Committee. “I believe this is recognition of the contribution we have made to the industry and the fact that we have the interests of the public at heart”, says Miles.

We’ll keep you up to speed with developments on the Standards as they come available.

View the Standard for Testing and Remediation of Meth-Contaminated Properties